Amnesia Feminized


Genetics 80 % Sativa and 20 % indica
Climate summer and tropical
Yield 70 grams to 100 grams
Height 80 cm to 100 cm
Flowering Time 12 weeks
Effect immediate mind booze with long lasting effect
THC Level 20 %
Growing easy to moderate


The Amnesia feminized is dominated by the sativa strain with eighty percent genetics while the remaining percentage came from the indica strain. The feminized amnesia prefers to grow in an atmosphere wherein the climate is tropical and sunny. The feminized marijuana can still grow indoors provided that the indoor lighting system can provide its tropical needs. When planted indoors, Amnesia feminized can produce a hundred grams of buds while when planted outdoors, the Amnesia feminized can produce seventy grams of buds. Amnesia feminized grows relatively tall with a possible height of one hundred centimeter when planted outdoors and eighty centimeters when planted indoors because of its sativa genetics. Despite the long flowering time of twelve weeks and high stature, Amnesia feminized is favorite by growers because its buds produce a high level of THC with  percentage of twenty and the growing level for this weed is easy to moderate.

Amnesia feminized has pale green color with green leaves and buds with orange and brown hair. The scent of the feminized weed is strong and fresh making marijuana smokers enjoy the experience. Amnesia Haze has fruity and floral vapor and smoke scents creating a long two to three hour high for some users. Marijuana medical users find Amnesia Haze as one of the best marijuana smoke for reducing stress (work and school) and the sensation of pain (rheumatism and after surgery pains), while making them feel uplifted and euphoric for the duration of the high. While smoking Amnesia out of a bong, pipe or joint are clearly all great options, many users choose to vaporize it to get the best results and flavor.

The feminized Amnesia Haze grows in a tropical atmosphere so it is suggested to grow it outside the home for optimal exposure to the sun. But there are growers who plant their Amnesia feminized indoors for protection and privacy. There is nothing wrong with the indoor method of growing the marijuana provided that the lighting system will provide the light and heat the Amnesia feminized needs. You can play with yellow bulb and blue bulb to regulate the desired tropical atmosphere of your Amnesia feminized.

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