Auto Afghan Feminized


Genetics 100 % Indica
Climate indoor and outdoor
Yield 350 grams to 525 grams
Height 60 cm to 100 cm
Flowering Time 8 to 9 weeks
Effect body buzz and immediate high
THC Level 15 %
Growing easy


The auto feminized Afghan marijuana is a pure Indica strain with a hundred percentage of that specific strain. The feminized marijuana can grow indoors and outdoors with a possible bud yield of three hundred fifty grams when planted outdoors and five hundred twenty-five grams of buds when planted indoors. The auto Afghan feminized can grow at sixty centimeters when planted indoors and one hundred centimeters when planted outdoors. This feminized Afghan strain has a moderate time for waiting the flowering phase with eight to nine weeks anticipating. Despite the average THC level of fifteen percent, marijuana smokers enjoy the auto afghan feminized strain because of its easy level of growing and effects of body buzz and immediate high.

The Autoflowering feminized Afghan is a strong plant with chunky stem. The autoflowering feminized marijuana features round fat leaves and big fat buds with less crystals but has rich smooth hash like smoke. The auto Afghan feminized marijuana plant tends to be very bushy but will yield large amounts of very sticky buds. Smokers enjoy the weed because of its light and citrus scent This feminized autoflowering marijuana is also good for medicinal purposes. Insomnia sufferers tend to smoke this weed since it helps the person to relax and ease pain.

If you noticed it, this Afghan strain has relatively faster waiting time for its flowering time because it is autoflowering, while the high THC content of this weed is due to the feminized genetic of this marijuana. Marijuana growers, users and medical users will totally enjoy this breed with faster flowering time, harvesting time and high THC content. Autoflowering Afghan feminized is easy to grow since it can blend well to its atmosphere and can grow both indoors and outdoors.

For indoor growers, it would be best to provide you feminized autoflowering marijuana a good ventilation system and lighting system to make the contained smell of your auto Afghan feminized circulate and the production of food by the leaves better. Auto Afghan does not grow very tall so space is not a major issue. For growers who practice the outdoor method, be weary of stray animals and insects who are attracted by the sweet scent of your marijuana.

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