Azura Haze Feminized


Genetics 80% sativa, 20% indica
Climate indoor or outdoor
Yield 300 grams to 500 grams
Height 300 cm to 400 cm
Flowering Time 12 weeks
Effect psychedelic
THC Level 20%
Growing moderate

Azura Haze has a tall structure for it is dominated by the sativa strain. As a growing the basics for this marijuana is to give it a room or place where it can grow tall. The feminized Azura Haze has the mixture of 80 percent sativa and 20 percent indica. The feminized with has the maximum yield of 300 grams when planted outside and 500 grams if planted inside. Despite the long flowering process of twelve weeks, growers love this feminized marijuana because of its high THC content and this feminized strain can be cross bred to other strains.

One of the important thing to watch out when planning to grow a feminized Azura Haze is the issue of height. Be minded that that this feminized strain can grow as high as four meters. When planting indoors, make sure that the room where your Azura Haze has a high ceiling to avoid growth problems. When planting outdoors, there is no need to worry about the issue of height but make sure to give your feminized Azura Haze fences to protect it from burglars.

Azura Haze can be planted indoors or outdoors and includes a moderate level of growing it. Meaning, the growth process of feminized Azura Haze is not easy and not hard at the same time. When planted indoors, Azura Haze feminized can produce higher yields compared to the marijuana planted outdoors that is why most growers prefer the indoor method of growing the feminized haze despite the fact that it will cost them more money. For outdoor growers who are in thrift spending regarding the growth of this feminized marijuana, to increase their yield, they use SCROG method or screen of green method wherein they manipulate the growth of the feminized Azura Haze with the use of strings suspended above the marijuana. One of the drawback of this method is that the Azura Haze grows very tall and some marijuana planters failed to control the weeds.

The feminized Azura Haze marijuana is dominated by sativa making it to have a grassy odor providing the smoker an uplifting, energetic and cerebral high in an instant. Some of the benefits of smoking sativa is that it gives smokers an easy feeling, uplifting cerebral high, good stimulation and energy, makes one to be focused and creative and fights depression.

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