Black Indica Feminized


Genetics 85 % indica, 15 % sativa
Climate indoor
Yield 500 grams to 550 grams
Height 90 cm to 220 cm
Flowering Time 7 to 8 weeks
Effect a balance between booze and easing pain
THC Level 20%
Growing Easy


The feminized Black Indica has the genetics of 85 % indica and 15 % sativa making this feminized strain of marijuana grow small and adequate for indoor growing. Black Indica feminized grows bud intensively. When planted outdoors, marijuana growers can expect 500 grams while when planted indoors, growers can expect 550 grams of buds. It is best advised if you planted it indoors to optimize its growth. Black Indica feminized has a flowering time that spans between seven to eight weeks and gives the users a balance between booze and easing pain when smoked. Black Indica feminized is famous among indoor growers since it produces a THC with a percentage of twenty and it is easy to grow.

Black Indica Feminized is almost similar to the buds of White Widow marijuana strain because of its white crystals accumulated in its buds. The feminized Black Indica strain has wider and darker leaves compared to the White Widow strain. The similarities between a White Widow strain and a feminized Black Indica happens because this feminized strain in a cross-breed between Afghan, Big Bud and White Widow. This feminized strain is a strong plant since it can grow under all circumstances and has a powerful smoke effect.

This feminized Black Indica strain can grow in any weather condition, but it is advised that this feminized strain is best when grown outdoors under the hydroponics method of growing. This style of growing includes water with nutrients that serves as the soil of the feminized Black Indica. Growing in hydroponics is more efficient than growing in soil with reference to this specific feminized strain since the soil just only serves as a medium for the plant to get nutrients since it is through water where the roots sip and get nutrients and not through the soil. Using this hydroponics technique, you can expect a higher yield and a good taste of smoke when lighting its buds after cultivation and curing.

The feminized Black Indica weed produces a number of buds that play around 500 grams to 550 grams making growers use it together with fellow marijuana smokers. Weed medical users and cultivators enjoy this strain since it has a higher content of THC than CBD.

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