Blackberry Autoflowering Feminized


Genetics indica and sativa
Climate sunny, indoor or outdoor
Yield 400 grams to 500 grams
Height 3 feet to 4 feet
Flowering Time 55 days to 65 days
Effect body booze and mind high
THC Level 24%
Growing medium


The Blackberry autoflowering marijuana feminized is not a pure breed since it is a mixture between indica and sativa. The feminized Blackberry marijuana originated from Black Domini strain and Raspberry Cough strain. This feminized autoflowering strain can grow indoors and outdoors and provides growers high bud yields that range from 400 grams when planted outdoors and 500 grams when planted indoors. Blackberry autoflowering feminized strain grows between three feet to four feet when planted indoors and outdoors respectively. This autoflowering feminized strain championed the preference of the growers because it gives the marijuana smokers an immediate mind and body high since its THC or tetrahydrocannabinol level reaches twenty-four percent. The flowering time for this type of strain is between fifty-five days to sixty-five days and the growing difficulty is in medium.

The autoflowering feminized Blackberry marijuana is a dark sativa dominated breed wherein the weed grows with deep-purple hue due to the Black Domini genetics. Smokers enjoy the weed because of its sweet taste due to the genetics of  Raspberry cough. This breed gives a high THC content because it is feminized making smokers experience immediate mind high and body buzz. The Blackberry autoflowering marijuana feminized emits a sweet smell so be minded that when you grow this specific strain that you have to watch out for insects that might infect and destroy your crops.

The major problem encountered in growing this weed is its scent. Indoor growers love the sweet scent expelled by the weed, but despite the closed room where their indoor Blackberry autoflowering feminized grows, insects can not be avoided. Possible enemies that can harm your indoor weeds are ants and some lizards. To avoid this mishap to happen, it would be better if you use insecticides to drive away these pests. For outdoor growers, your autoflowering feminized Blackberry marijuana is more prone to dangers since your weed is not only exposed to insects but also stray animals like dogs and cats. In order to protect your sweet autoflowering and feminized marijuana, it would be best to put fences around the weed. If the fencing will not work, provide a greenhouse for your weed. When all protection does not work, it is the time to use pesticides to drive insects away.

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