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How to grow female Marijuana the Right Way?

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In the cannabis industry, female Marijuana bears more importance and value compared to the males. Because it is the female that contains the highest possible level of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana plants which is responsible for that high or stoned feeling when you smoke one. Therefore, females are more potent and exhibit medically inclined properties than the male. Males are only useful when your main business is to harvest seeds and not the valuable sensimillia. Females are the ones highly coveted and in fact, feminized Marijuana seeds are becoming more popular and have taken the market by storm because of their capacity to produce only female plants.

The right environment

It entails a right environment for the female marijuana to prosper and if necessary, make sure that these plants receive the necessary requirements they need. Because when under stress, like sudden temperature changes and interruptions with the dark cycles, marijuana plants are genetically programmed to turn in to hermaphrodites under hostile conditions, their way of ensuring that their kind survive even the most unfavourable situations through self- pollination. You just have to make sure to follow the standard procedures in taking care of marijuana plants and as much as possible avoid stressing your plants. Since hermaphrodites have the qualities of both male and female marijuana plants, it means that they can also give off pollens. If not segregated early away from the females, the pollens can heavily pollinate the entire packs of female plants just like male plants can do. And certainly you don’t want this to happen because this can potentially ruin the whole crops. Thus, all the crops will just give you cannabis seeds but not the real deal, which are the sensimilia.

The early detection

Early detection refers to the sexing process where you look for male plants and get rid of them. This is especially important before the unnoticed male plants have already heavily pollinated most of the female plants. And when this happens, just imagine how sorry you will become. In this condition, all your female plants will just grow only to give you seeds but not the sensimillia, for these are only produced once the flowers of the female Marijuana plants reach maturity without being pollinated by the males. In order to avoid this, you must continuously monitor your crops and watch out for the male ones and if you are not planning of producing seeds, get rid of them real fast.

Just like in growing any other types of plants, growing weeds, no matter how resilient they are, has its own share of problems encountered along the way. You just have to make sure that certain factors are monitored carefully to prevent potential and irreversible damage to the weeds. Many growers pray hard for their cannabis seeds to grow in to female especially when they are after for the potency found in sensimilla. Since female Marijuana plants bear more value than the males. Many are even starting to make used of feminized Marijuana seeds just to make sure that they will all have female population. Growing Female marijuana plants employ special considerations in order to ensure higher yield during the harvest time. 

Grow to become hermaphrodites 

As a cannabis grower, this is one condition you certainly don’t want to happen to your crops. Hermaphrodites are cannabis plants that have both the female and male characteristics, thus, they can initiate self- pollination. Hermaphrodites are of no value, and if so happens, your crops will have poor quality. Female marijuana plants only become hermaphrodite under stressful conditions which they can barely stand. Examples of these unfavourable conditions are drought and flood as with your outdoor set- up, and too much heat or interruptions in the dark cycles as with your indoor arrangement. All these can contribute for the likelihood of female plants to turn into hermaphrodites. 

Pollinated by males nearby 

When you grow marijuana for the sole purpose of collecting potent sensimillia or buds during the harvest period, certainly you don’t want your female plants to be pollinated by males nearby. If happens so, then you’re in deep trouble for this will just give you seeds but not the real deal. When you grow marijuana seeds, it is important to train yourself to detect male plants from the females as early as possible. For when male plants go unnoticed they have the tendency to heavily pollinate the female ones, thereby, all the plants energy will just for seed making and there’s no way they can give you the valuable sensimillia containing high THC levels. To prevent this, you should train your eyes and monitor the growing marijuana plants from every now and then. Another sure way to avoid male plants is to grow feminized types of cannabis seeds. These are seeds that are genetically programmed to grow and become only female plants, and not a single male. This way you can ensure that problems regarding pollination will never arise because there are no male plants around.

If you are a marijuana grower chiefly looking for potent cannabis buds that can be used both medically and recreationally, then for sure you just want to see your seeds grow into female marijuana plants. Why? Because the females are the only ones with medicinal value for its high THC content that make them potent while males run short with the level, they only contain a little amount of the THC. With this, you want nothing more than the female plants and can’t wait to get rid of those male plants among the packs.

But distinguishing female from male marijuana plants can be a little tricky especially to the untrained eyes. Certainly, you don’t want to be wrong on this for you might end up plucking the entire population of females. But once you are starting to grow your own Marijuana, you will get to familiarize the different characteristics exhibited by two different sexes.  The female attributes are quite different from that of the males to be mistaken, but as mentioned above if you are new nothing is easy and everything seems hard. But just allow yourself some time, and you will surely ace this part of growing marijuana. It will just be a matter of time.

Shorter in height

When Marijuana plants approach the flowering phase of their growth, females tend to appear a little shorter in height compared to the males. This is a good way to start identifying which is which.

Flowers not buds 

Female Marijuana plants will not have any buds instead they have flowers that when allowed to grow until maturity without being pollinated by males will give rise to the most valuable sinsemilla. Sinsemilla flowers are much preferred because they contain higher THC level and they do not produce seeds and will give off sweet and gentle smoke without the heavy feeling.

The pistils 

These small hair-like structures that appear to be in “V” shape are the most distinguishing characteristics of female Marijuana plants. Pistils contain two long slender stigmas which collect pollens released in the air by the male plants and subsequently deliver them internally to the ovaries which will fertilize the eggs and eventually become the seeds.

High THC content 

Female marijuana plants contain higher levels of THC than the male ones. This is the reason why females are much favoured by many because of their potency and medically inclined quality than the males

If you’re an already experienced cannabis breeder or an all time avid marijuana user, then surely feminized Marijuana seeds are never knew to you. On the other hand, if you are new in the industry, the name might not ring a bell even to the slightest. But in just a short time, you will probably find yourself hearing all the buzzes about these certain feminized Marijuana seeds. You may wonder what exactly these seeds are and why they have taken the market by storm. Give yourself some time and shortly after you will know why these seeds are extremely popular.

 What do feminized Marijuana seeds have to offer?

The popularity of feminized Marijuana seeds is brought about by their extreme stability to give rise to only female Marijuana plants. Many prefer these types of seeds than the regular ones because of the following reasons:

  • Since they only produce female Marijuana plants, cannabis production is even more maximized to considerable folds. In the cannabis industry, there is no room for male plants because of their minimal value when it comes to potency. They are even got rid off as soon as they are noted. The female Marijuana plants bear the most value since they can produce buds with high THC content. Come to think of it, if all seeds grow to become female and not male plants, the yield you will later on harvest is guaranteed 100% high.
  • Feminized Marijuana seeds are highly stabilized through advanced feminizing methods and multi- stage breeding techniques. You can be certain that these seeds will only grow to become female and not hermaphrodites.
  • Even if the area you used in growing these seeds is just a little space, you are still guaranteed for a higher yield since all seeds will grow to only valuable female plants.

The process of sexing marijuana plants is a painful and tricky one, especially when you are just new in growing cannabis. You will surely find it hard to distinguish the female ones from the males. You only employed this painful process when you plant the regular cannabis seeds that can grow either female or male. But fortunately with feminized marijuana seeds, no need to perform sexing since these seeds are guaranteed to only give rise to female plants. If you want to do yourself a favour, plant these types of seeds and you will come to realize how feminized seeds can make a remarkable difference.

The value of a certain marijuana strain or plant is determined by number of factors. Among these are the likelihood of a certain plant to be used in the medical fields, smell and taste, and its growing tendencies. But these factors are just secondary. There is one factor that precedes all these. Why do you think most people love to smoke marijuana? It is because of that certain high or stoned feeling you can experience just by smoking it. That sense of elation and vigour you feel inside by which only potent marijuana can give. It is the potency of a certain marijuana plant that chiefly determines its value. And when you say potency, you are actually meaning to the level of THC it contains which is the chemical ingredient in cannabis that is responsible for that high feeling. Higher THC content means more potent cannabis.

But these you just can find from any other types of marijuana buds for that matter especially the mediocre ones. Fortunately, you can find this in most of the female Marijuana plants grown from feminized Marijuana seeds. 

High THC content 

Feminized Marijuana seeds are known to produce female Marijuana plants that contain high levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis that is responsible for that high feeling without the sense of heaviness or discomforts which are loved by many users around the worlds. It is also the chemical component of Marijuana which can deliver anti- depressant effects to the users. It can make one feel uplifted, elated and energized away from the depressed feeling of hopelessness and inadequacy.

If you are looking for marijuana plants that contain a considerable level of THC, do yourself a favour by not searching further enough from one place to the other, because most of feminized marijuana seeds are largely available in the market. Why feminized seeds? You can grow these easily by yourself to become female marijuana plants and expect to harvest potent cannabis buds with high THC content in no time.  These do not only give you the potency you want but these seeds allow you to maximize your production of cannabis and will save you from a lot of time and effort in sexing your plants because after all they will just grow to become female, no need to worry about the males plants which do not contain high levels of THC. Growing these types of seeds is just exactly how you reward yourself a favour.

Feminized Marijuana seeds symbolize the peak in quality, potency, and genetics in the field of cannabis production. They are the products of advanced feminizing methods and multi- stage breeding processes that ensure the optimum stability of the seeds with the sole purpose of giving rise to only female population. Feminized marijuana seeds are especially helpful because they can increase and maximize the production of cannabis to considerable folds. How? Female Marijuana plants are considered the real deal in cannabis industry because it is them that are able to produce sensimillia which contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), utilized both medically and recreationally, and not the male plants. If all of the seeds grow to become high quality females, just imagine how much yield you will later on harvest. It will be just enormous and simply gratifying.

Since its introduction up until today, feminized Marijuana seeds have taken their rightful place in the market superior to the other kinds which share the same purpose as they do. They have been enjoying this certain popularity among many growers because of the multitudes of benefits they can offer. For over the years now, many have ventured into producing these well known seeds, from humble home organic growers to the elite large-scale commercial operations, which is why these types of seeds are widely available in the market. But with the tremendous increase in number of Feminized Marijuana seeds, it’s a little hard to tell what type of strain to choose. Selecting the best feminized seeds can be handled well and easy when you know which strains are the bestsellers among the pack. Some of the top feminized Marijuana seeds available in the market today are the following:

Arjan’s Haze #1 feminized seeds 

Popular for its capacity to produce plants with extremely high concentration of THC that delivers maximum psychoactive effects. Its popularity was even more solidified as it won first place of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004.

Feminized Blueberry seeds

Famous for its high THC content and long shelf life and higher yield is guaranteed. Blueberry is highly coveted by many breeders and growers because of its high quality. It won the first prize of High Times Cup in 2000 and third prize on the following year.

Dutch Dragon seeds 

The Dutch Dragon won first place of the Highlife Cannabis Cup in 2006. This is especially famous for its long lasting clear high effects without the heavy feeling.

Euphoria Feminized seeds

One of the favourites of the many growers and breeders which won first place of the Highlife Cup in 2002, and Second place of High Times Cup in 2000.

The creation of feminized Marijuana seeds is by far the most important breakthrough in the history of cannabis production. Having the highest value in quality and genetics, feminized Marijuana seeds are created for the sole purpose of making the lives of cannabis growers more convenient and productive.

What are Feminized Marijuana seeds?

Feminized Marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds that undergo certain chemical treatments and or organic methods so that they will genetically grow into female plants. The seeds are the immediate offspring of a female Marijuana plant and a hermaphroditic (hermy) cannabis plant. The importance of hermy plants in the development of feminized seeds cannot be underestimated since it is their pollens that are used to fertilize the female plants and subsequently give rise to these specialized types of seeds. So, you will come to conclude that feminized seeds contain both the female and hermaphrodite chromosomes. Now, does it follow that they can grow either way? Yes, especially when the seeds are not stabilized well enough, they can also grow as hermaphrodites. But this condition has long been over with since the arrival of advanced feminizing methods and multi- stage breeding, which made these seeds viably stable that only grow to become female Marijuana plants.

The advantages

Why go the lengths from the complex feminizing methods to tedious breeding procedures in order to produce these types of seeds when it is just all for nothing? Surely, these seeds were created for some good reasons and in fact the benefits they offer are tremendously high compared to the ones from the regular seeds.  These are some of the advantages of growing feminized Marijuana seeds:

  • Feminized seeds are genetically programmed to procreate only female plants, thus maximizing your production. Unlike regular seeds which can give rise to both male and female plants. In growing marijuana, male plants have generally no room in this business to be accommodated for their tendency to pollinate the female and their relatively low THC content. As soon as their existence is noted, they are instantly plucked out among the packs for the danger of them heavily pollinating the entire population of female plants. And as a consequence, the entire plants will grow on giving you only seeds but not the precious sensimillia. In short, if this happens you surely have a bad year.  Your only assurance is growing feminized Marijuana seeds that will eventually become female plants.
  • Feminized seeds are able to produce marijuana buds that are of high quality.
  • These seeds can uphold its viability up to many years provided that they are securely stored in a dry, cool, dark place.
  • When you plant feminized marijuana seeds, you no longer need to work on the tedious process of sexing your plants and destroy the males you find. This can save you a great deal of effort and time.

Marijuana is an unusually good plant far way different from other kinds of plants in the surface of the planet. When things get rough, Marijuana plants are genetically programmed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions to ensure the survival of its kind by stimulating self- pollination. This trait you can barely find from other organic plants. And this quality is the reason behind the creation of feminized Marijuana seed.

What are feminized Marijuana seeds?

Feminized Marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds that are chemically treated to produce only female Marijuana plants. These are created by collecting pollens from hermaphroditic marijuana plants to fertilize female cannabis plants. As mentioned above, when marijuana plants are stressed due to unfavourable changes of the environment, as their defense mechanism, they turned into hermaphrodites, capable of self pollination to allow themselves reproduce before the environment becomes too inhospitable by producing pollen sacs and female bearing seeds all at once. These pollens are in turned used to manufacture feminized Marijuana seeds. Therefore, genetically speaking, feminized seeds contain the chromosomes of both female and hermaphrodite. Obviously, you want these seeds to only grow into female plants and hoping hard these won’t turn into hermy plants. If these seeds grow to become hermaphrodites, these can cause real problem to the packs as these can heavily pollinate other female plants, therefore all of your plants will just grow to give you seeds and not buds nor flowers.

Will all plants be female? 

The problem with hermaphrodites has been over the years decreasing in number, if not totally eradicated. This breakthrough is brought about by modernized feminizing and breeding techniques with the help of high precision devices and effective chemical solutions which enable feminized marijuana seeds to become viably stable only producing female marijuana plants.

What female Marijuana plants have to offer?

Feminized Marijuana seeds are created with the sole purpose of maximizing the production of female marijuana plants. But why go that length with all that tedious feminizing and breeding processes only to produce female plants? This is because female plants bear more significance than that of males.  Female Marijuana plants contain more THC level than males which is responsible for that stoned and high feeling of marijuana users.  So what’s the use of male plants when after all users smoke marijuana to experience that high feeling in the first place? Shortly speaking, male plants are in a way useless and even get rid off before they can fertilize other female plants.

What are female Marijuana?

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Feminized Marijuana seeds are specialized seeds that undergo chemical treatments only to give rise to female Marijuana plants no matter how stressful their environments are. They are greatly different from that of regular seeds which can grow into both female and male plants under certain conditions. Feminized seeds are produced when the pollens from hermaphroditic marijuana or hermy plants are used to fertilize female cannabis plants.

Hermaphroditic Marijuana plants

To fully understand what Feminized Marijuana plants are, it is important to learn first about hermy plants. When the environment of the growing marijuana plants becomes unfavourable like extreme weather conditions such as drought or flood outdoors, or interrupted light and dark cycles, or too much heat indoor, they turned to their only defense mechanism to ensure that their kinds survive through reproduction before the environment becomes too hostile. This is the state where they become hermaphrodite allowing them to self- pollinate. Hermy plants exhibit both male and female qualities producing pollen sacs and female seed bearing flowers at the same time. As mentioned above, the pollens from these plants are utilized to create feminized Marijuana seeds. These specialized seeds both carry the hermaphrodite and the female chromosomes. Therefore, they can grow either way. But with today’s more redefined methods and processes, these seeds are extremely viable and stable enough only to give rise to female cannabis plants and gone is the probability of these seeds to grow into hermaphrodites.

 The different methods

Large scale operations and local organic growers differ from the methods they employ to produce feminized seeds. Some home organic growers still use the traditional way of purposely stressing the plants causing them to succumb to their hermaphroditic state and subsequently collect the pollens produced by these plants and then used to fertilize female plants to create feminized seeds.

Large scale operations with all its capacity to invest in high tech equipment and devices make used of contemporary methods which are more redefined and have been proven to produce best results than the traditional ones. Gibberellic acid and Colloidal silver are the generally used chemicals. Unlike in the traditional way where the whole cannabis plant is subjected to become hermy, these chemicals are just sprayed on to a portion of the plant ideally on the branches causing only that part of the plants to be stressed out, and consequently produce pollen sacs. These pollens are then collected to fertilize other female Marijuana plants.

Guide in growing female medical marijuana

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What should you know before growing female medical cannabis?

Before you can grow the female medical weed, you should first start off in identifying your intent in growing them. You may opt to grow to be used as a medication or you may want to breed and produce your own seeds. After identifying your intentions, get good seeds from your trusted suppliers and seed banks. Make sure that they are young and fresh with fluid still intact to enable a better growing life for your medical cannabis.

You should also know the basic needs of your medical weed and those should be provided even before you venture into the science of growing them. These basics are common to all medical cannabis strains regardless of their gender and strains. These include the room, soil, water, air and nutrients your plants need. 

What are the stages of the female medical marijuana’s life cycle?

Afterwards, you should know the different stages of the growing cycle of the medical cannabis. There are four stages of their life plus the harvesting which is not really a main part but obviously the most important and much awaited among others. In every phase of their growth, there are certain things and procedures that you must consider to keep up with the factors of growth.

The most vital is during the vegetative period where the medical cannabis’ gender should be identified. Female medical marijuana should be kept away from the males to avoid pollination if you want to keep the buds and the leaves as medicines. On this stage, the structure of the plant as a whole is also seen and formed. At this stage, your female medical pots should be given more nutrients up to the time they flower.

After the vegetative period, your medical cannabis will start to flower. As they do, you should see to it that they remain uncontaminated and fresh. More amount of darkness will be much appreciated by your female medical marijuana so they will continue to produce more flowers.

What comes after?

Harvesting, drying and curing come next after the flowering stage. After deciding when to harvest them, you have to make sure that they you have the drying method ready and the curing procedures after that. You have the options on what method to use parallel to your growing method. The drying and the curing method can last up to 4 days until they are ready for