Early Vixen Feminized


Genetics haze, northern lights and skunk
Climate indoor or outdoor
Yield 300 grams to 500 grams
Height 4 feet to 5 feet
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect indica body booze
THC Level 17 % to 19 %
Growing Easy


The feminized Early Vixen marijuana strain is not a pure breed for it is a combination of three marijuana strains namely Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk. The Haze genetic strain of this Early Vixen feminized gives the weed a high THC level that plays between seventeen to nineteen percent. The Northern Lights genetic strain of this feminized weed gives this strain the height of four to five feet depending on the growth method applied. Lastly, the Skunk genetics of the Early Vixen feminized weed gives the strong aroma and smell of the marijuana.

Feminized Early Vixen marijuana strain is good for indoor or outdoor method of growing. The yield plays around three hundred grams when planted outdoors and five hundred grams when planted indoors. The height plays between four feet to five feet and has a short flowering week of eight weeks. Growing this specific marijuana strain is favored by some growers because it is easy to maintain and has a level of THC that plays between seventeen to nineteen percent giving the body a booze.  Some of the medical effects that you can get from the Early Vixen feminized strain are anti-anxiety and anti-depressant.

This feminized strain can grow both indoors and outdoors. For indoor growing, the feminized marijuana can grow more buds with small height compared when planted outdoors that produces tall Early vixen with few buds. For indoor growers, it would be better if you make your feminized Early Vixen have a well ventilated space because you do not want your room smell unpleasant. Be minded that your weed has genetics of skunk that expels bad odor. Another reminder for indoor growers, it would be wise to not invest with large pots or container since your weed will not grow extensively when planted indoors. For outdoor growers, expect a taller growth for Early Vixen Feminized because its needs are naturally provided by its environment. Also, expect a lower yield of buds. You can maximize the growth of your Early Vizen feminized by using manipulative method and measures such as SCROG or screen of green to increase its yield. Using SCROG method will allow you to produce more buds coming from a single branch feminized Early Vixen.

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