Girl Scout Cookes Feminized


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield Heavy
Height Short
Flowering Time 70 days
Effect Improves focus, euphoric and mellow high, relaxing
THC Level 23%
Growing Moderate


This might be something that sounds tasty, but the Girl Scout Cookies are known to be a name of one of the best strains ever grown. This is a hybrid that originated from OG Kush and Durban Poison. The two plants might not have any relationship to the name of the strain, but the plant has the qualities of the two combined in order to become a good looking plant like the OG Kush’s taste. This plant is also known for its amazing effects, and has been featured lots of times in online articles.

This plant looks amazing whenever you plant it indoors and outdoors. The short size of this plant is perfect to be grown indoor and on small gardens. It also has good looking buds that’s covered with green and purple colors, and mixed with hairs of orange. The looks of the plant will already let you identify that it has a sweet scent and taste. This plant might take quite long to grow, but expect that you can get a heavy amount of yield once harvest time arrives!

The plant is known to have a distinctive scent because of its sweet, earthy mint, and pungent diesel flavor that’s mixed with lemon aroma. This plant is also known to have a very sweet taste that’s mixed with a minty flavor. The taste is known to also vary for others because they feel like the plant tastes like lemon and mint, and many more. However, this complex taste has been complimented and recommended by smokers, growers and patients around the world.

One of the world class traits of this plant are the effects. It has a high that will give you a dose of euphoria that is good for focus, up to a nice and relaxing mellow high that’s perfect for listening to music. This is perfect to smoke during afternoons or evenings. This plant is known to be perfect for those who have insomnia, body pain, stress, migraine and depression. This is also perfect for socializing and is recommended for people who love to go to mountains and forests to go camping!

This plant is perfect because of its beautiful looks, indulging taste, and the powerful effects of this plant. So if you are looking for a plant that’s truly one of a kind, then be sure to buy Girl Scout Cookies Feminized in online weed stores. A scout is always ready to smoke, and this plant is perfect for you! Note: This is a feminized plant – therefore, you need to have some male seeds to clone some plants.

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