Hash Plant Feminized


Genetics 80 % indica 20% sativa
Climate indoor or outdoor
Yield 150 grams to 300 grams
Height 3 feet to 4 feet
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect narcotic
THC Level 12 % to 15 %
Growing easy to moderate


The feminized version of Hash Plant is not a pure breed since it is a mixture between indica and sativa strain. The Hash Plant feminized is composed of eighty percent indica and twenty percent sativa that grows between the height of three to four feet when planted indoors and outdoors respectively. Despite the low THC level that goes between twelve to fifteen percent, hash feminized is a favorite strain among among growers because of its immediate narcotic effect, short flowering waiting time of eight weeks and the growing difficulty of this weed is between easy and moderate level.

Hash Plant is a versatile and stable feminized weed strain that has true breeding qualities that is why it has been famous as the source of other hybrid cannabis strains and been used to produce other hybrids for many years now. The Hash Plant feminized originated from Afghanistan and brought to Northwest USA and then exported to Holland, where its genetics is refined to optimize growth and effects. Feminized Hash Plants produce buds with large and resinous characteristics with spicy hash smell and aroma with long narcotic effect. Also the feminized hash plant produces more buds than leaves.

The feminized Hash Plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. Some growers who plant this feminized marijuana strain often manipulate the growth of the weed to produce more yields. One of the efficient methods they perform is the use of SCROG or screen of green, wherein planters suspend a chicken wire above the growing leaves and stem of the feminized weed to grow more buds from a single branch. Another technique practiced by indoor growers to increase the yield of the feminized hash plant is the hydroponics wherein the roots of the feminized weed is subdued to water with mineral mixture. The use of hydroponics is favored by indoor growers who have high budget because the roots of the leaves get nutrients through the water and not the soil. For outdoor growers who gathers an estimated one hundred fifty grams of feminized hash plant, you can employ the SCROG or screen of green method and the hydroponics style of growing provided that your Hash Plant feminized is under a greenhouse for well regulated protection.

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