How to grow female marijuana seeds

Posted by Kat Ryn On July - 18 - 2014

Prepping up

To some growers, soaking up the seeds in a cup of water a night or two before starting the process of growing is advisable. Soaking for about 48 hours before planting the seed will allow the seed to swell and slip their outer seed castings. However, if white roots become visible at the crack site of the castings, it is advisable to remove the seeds from the water. Soaking it further will only expose their roots even more cause damage. Next, plant the seeds in a clean, pH balanced soil. The soil and pot should be loose and light with good drainage to avoid drowning your seeds.

Nutrition and Light

Plant the seeds in a clean, pH balanced medium. The marijuana plants can best absorb all necessary nutrients at a pH value of 5.5 – 6. The core nutrients that a plant needs to grow are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Most plant fertilizers contain these essentials.

Fluorescent tubes are great lights to choose when growing marijuana because of the light spectrum it emits. More light is better than lesser light but on the other hand, more light would mean more water and C02 demand. Female marijuana strains would better off if she starts out with a halide lamp on its first days of growth before being exposed to a redder high pressure sodium lamp during the budding stage. It is vital to maintain a 500w- 700w of light and not a lot greater especially on tropical countries. Overheating of your nursery would most likely to dry out your female cultivation and significantly decrease you’re preferred output.

Understanding life cycle

Understanding the life cycle of female marijuana plants is essential. Germination phase starts off after planting the soaked seed. Covering the pot with plastic until a single sprout and true leaf is seen is what most growers would advise you to do. The whole process of germination generally lasts to 10 days. The seedling state then takes place which lasts up to four to six weeks. Vegetative growth then takes over and is the period of maximum growth. In this time, your female plants will begin to either grow tall or grow sideways. Proper segregation is also important to avoid overcrowding of plants. They should be arranged in a way where each branch can receive equal amounts of light. The light received will be a great factor on how much your female marijuana will yield. Oftentimes growers would have different rituals involving the dark period. The dark period is where female plants are deprived of light which will make them produce higher THC levels.

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