Juicy Fruit Feminized


Genetics indica and sativa
Climate Indoor
Yield 400 grams to 500 grams
Height 140 cm to 180 cm
Flowering Time 50 days to 60 days
Effect creative high and cerebral buzz
THC Level 15 % to 20 %
Growing easy


The feminized Juicy fruit strain is best when planted indoors, but the growing difficulty is still easy. The feminized strain is mixture between the genetics of indica and sativa weed with an average yield of four hundred grams to five hundred grams. The average height of the Juicy fruit feminized is between one hundred forty centimeters to one hundred eighty centimeters. The feminized Juicy Fruit championed the preference of the marijuana growers and users because it has a short duration of fifty days to sixty days for its flowering time. Juicy Fruit feminized smokers enjoy its high and cerebral buzz because of its high level of THC that plays between fifteen percent to twenty percent.

The Juicy Fruit strain is a hybrid between the pure genetics of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa featuring large leaves and thick stems. The growing of Juicy Feminized is ideal for newbie or beginner growers because it is easy to grow and the effects are just mild. The name of the feminized marijuana came from the popular brand of chewing gum due to its sweet taste. Smokers enjoy the feminized Juicy fruit because of its sweet smell with a mixture of plums and pina colada  taste. The usual effects of smoking Juicy Fruit are creative high and cerebral high that extends up to three hours. The medical benefits of this feminized marijuana include treating anxiety, depression and relieves mild cases of pain.

Juicy Fruit Feminized can also grow indoors but majority of the growers prefers the indoor method because this will save them from major headaches that involves privacy and insect attacks.  Be minded that the feminized Juicy Fruit expels sweet scent that can attracts insects and ants that may eat the leaves or stems of your feminized marijuana making all your efforts wasted. In case that there are still insects roaming around the enclosed room where your feminized marijuana grows, it is best to use insecticides. For the issue of security, Juicy Fruit feminized is a popular strain because of its high THC or tetrahydrocannabinol level with a sweet taste when smoked. When planted outdoors, burglars may steal your feminized Juicy Fruit away from you so it is best if you plant them indoors.

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