Northern Widow Feminized


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Grows Indoors and Outdoors
Yield 400g/
Height 150 cm
Flowering Time 5-6weeks
Effect Vigorous Effect
THC Level 35%
Growing Very Easy


Northern Widow Feminized is a highly potent feminized sativa which originally came from Brazil and Afghanistan Country. Before Northern Widow became famous marijuana strain, it is used in some coffee shops in Holland. As the time passed by, Northern Widow quickly became famous strains because of its satisfying effects to its users.

Effects, appearance, growth

Northern Widow Feminized Seed has vigorous effects to its users. Northern Widow has a powerful and energetic impact. It is usually used in parties and gatherings because it gives an extraordinary happy feeling to its users. The Northern Widow Feminized leaves are very thick and coated with smooth white sticky color. Northern Widow usually grows tall with strong woody branches. The flower clusters of Northern Widow are very beautiful. When it comes to the taste, it has sweet and spicy taste with a hint of mint flavor. Northern Widow grows in warm climate. It requires enough heat from sunlight and good supply of water for survival.

Medical Uses

Northern Widow Feminized Seed has thirty five percent of THC levels .The THC presented in Northern Widow Feminized Seed strain is used to cure and treat different kinds of health problems. Northern Widow Strain can cure headaches, migraines and anxiety. Northern Widow Feminized Seed is also used to help relieving muscular pains. Northern Widow Feminized Seed is best recommended for people who have poor appetite. Northern Widow Feminized Seed is also best recommended for people of mental disorders. Some people used it in boosting their metabolism. It is also very good to use as stress reliever because it gives peace of mind and relaxation to its users.

Purchase Northern Widow Feminized Online

If you want to know if you can order Northern Widow Feminized online, yes you can order and purchase Northern Widow Feminized Seed online. You have several websites choices when it comes in purchasing Northern Widow Feminized. Most websites have different kinds of marketing strategies to attract customer’s attention. Some websites offer great promos and discounts if you will order and purchase large quantity of their products. They also have shipping method rules. These websites require full payment method before processing your orders. Some offers free shipping and half down payment. Just make sure you are dealing with legit sellers. You need to ensure your safety by checking their proof of shipping and payment methods together with their legalities.

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