Snow White Autoflowering Feminized


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoor
Yield 400 g/m2
Height 100-130 cm
Flowering Time 50-53 days
Effect Stone or relaxed
THC Level 15-20%
Growing Easy-Moderate


Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized plant is one of the most used strains in the white cannabis family. It has a combination of Sativa and Indica from the breed of Nirvana seeds. Since Indica is mostly dominant, it produces an excellent taste and high potent level of the strain. Besides, it creates 100% feminized plants that are not just good to its pollination but also to its medicinal purposes.

Growth, appearance, aroma, and taste

Moreover, the growth of the feminized plant depends on the type of farming method used. If the farmer chose to plant it in an outdoor garden, the plant receives enough sunlight but it reduces the yield and quality of its production. On the other hand, it can grow much better in an indoor garden especially in a sea green hydro system. It may bloom from 50 to 53 days and can grow as much as 130 cm. Farmers find feminized plants easy to manage since it grows in indoor plots and yields at most 400 grams per meter squared.

Furthermore, the feminized plant features dark green leaves and sugar coated buds. Its buds contain a high potent level of resins than can give a powerful feeling to most of its users. In addition, even if it contains powerful effect, it doesn’t smell pungent and unpleasant at all. Its users can experience a smooth taste of the plant that lingers in their mouth. Besides, its buds feature an effective cure and prevention that is suitable to any kind of painful medications.

Medicinal effects

The medicinal application of the feminized plant is good for people who are experiencing chronic pains. These chronic pains could be migraines, headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, or mental fatigue. With a THC level of 15 to 20%, these types of pains can be healed because of the plant’s strong potent level content. Its strong kick results the patient to feel stoned and relaxed because it creates a buzz effect to his body. When taken the drug, the patient is advised to take a nap or relax instead of cooking or driving so he can avoid accidents.


If you are depressed or out of your mind, take a break and surf for websites that offer Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized. This feminized plant is a great pain reliever that gives you worries and problems free. But make sure that you are looking on a trustworthy website because there are fraud websites that offer a great deal of the plant product. So if you are surfing the net, look at the website that features the complete information and various reviews about the product. After that, ensure that it’s safe and credible then you can now purchase it online.

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