Super Silver Haze Feminized


Genetics 40% indica, 60% sativa
Climate tropical, equatorial, subtropical and temperate climate
Yield 800 grams
Height 60 to 85 cm
Flowering Time 10 to 11 weeks
Effect easing pain and appetite stimulation
THC Level 15% to 20%
Growing Easy

The feminized Super Silver Haze is a mix breed between forty percent of indica and sixty percent of sativa. This marijuana is ideal for outdoors but can be planted outdoors provided that the room temperature is of the tropical setting. Growers can have a maximum yield of eight hundred grams provided that the growth of the feminized marijuana is good. Despite the long flowering time of ten to eleven weeks, growers like this feminized silver haze because of its THC level that play between fifteen to twenty percent and has the effect of stimulating appetite and easing pain. Also, this is a favorite breed among easy feminized marijuana growers since this breed earned its reputation by winning first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Super Silver Haze feminized marijuana possesses buds with long, silky pistils that are sprouting from oval calyxes that fill the spaces between internodes. This feminized marijuana has large and pointed kolas that are light and airy. This specific feminized weed carries scent that many growers dislikes and might attract pests. Make sure that when planting this Super Silver Haze marijuana, you have  a good ventilation system.

The feminized Super Silver Haze is a tropical weed. The most important thing that you should consider in growing an feminized Super Silver Haze cannabis breed is its atmosphere that involves the temperature of its location. Super Silver Haze feminized grows in a tropical place making it need a Mediterranean type of place to grow. For indoor growers, this could mean a high amount on the electricity because of the artificial light and heat that you are giving your Super Silver Feminized pot. For outdoor growers, it is important the your place is in a tropical and Mediterranean country.

Smokers of Super Silver Haze feminized strain taste eucalyptus or fruity flavors and sometimes earthy taste depending on the genetics of the cross breed of the feminized weed while giving their body a euphoric high and a relaxing body stone. The famous medical effect of this feminized strain is that it provides marijuana users of this specific strain a solution for easing the pain and stimulates one’s appetite.

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