White Cookies Feminized


Genetics 70 %indica and 30 % sativa
Climate indoors and outdoors
Yield 100 grams to 150 grams
Height 18 inches to 24 inches
Flowering Time 8 weeks to 9 weeks
Effect high buzz with medical benefits
THC Level 20 % to 25 %
Growing easy


The White Cookie feminized is a new marijuana strain that is currently developed. The White cookies is not a pure breed strain because it has a mix of indica and sativa strain. The White Cookies feminized has seventy percent genetics of indica strain and thirty percent of sativa strain. The parent marijuanas of this feminized strain are the White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. This feminized strain can grow outdoors and indoors and can produce an average of one hundred grams of buds when planted outdoors and a hundred and fifty grams of buds when planted indoors. The White Cookies feminized has a small built because of its genetics. The average height for the weed is between eighteen inches to twenty-four inches. Medical marijuana users and recreational marijuana users enjoy this strain because of its healing properties due to the White Widow strain and its sweet taste due to the Girl Scout Cookies strain. The difficulty level in growing this weed is easy and it has a twenty percent to twenty-five percent level of THC. To increase the yield of the White cookies feminized, you can manipulate and control its growth. One of the most used technique is the screen of green method or SCROG where in a chicken wire is suspended above the feminized marijuana to push the stems to branch out and produce more buds.

The White Cookies Feminized marijuana is versatile because it can grow both indoors and outdoors. The leaves of the feminized weed are dark green in color and its buds has white crystals and orange her due to the cross-breeding of the genetics between White Widow marijuana and Girl Scout Cookies. When growing the feminized weed, it has a scent of mint, lemongrass and skunk, when smoked, it tastes like chocolate, mint, pepper and lemongrass.

Being a combination of between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies strain, the White Cookies feminized has a capacity of giving you both of the healing properties and buzz aspect of marijuana. White Cookies feminized can lessen the attack of seizures and ADHD, limits the occurrence of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, prevents the occurrence of glaucoma  since the White Cookies feminized decreases the pressure in the eye and treats the psychological condition of depression and anxiety.

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