White Widow Feminized


Genetics 65% Indica, 35% Sativa
Climate outdoor or indoor
Yield 450 grams for indoor, 800 grams for outdoor
Height 60 cm for indoor, 200 cm for outdoor
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect relaxing with an immediate high
THC Level 25%
Growing moderate level


White Widow marijuana is first bred by a Dutch breeder in Netherlands. This marijuana variant is popular and known immediately because of its white crystals located on the hairs of the weed buds. White widow is not a pure breed since it is a combination of sixty-five percent indica strain and thirty-five percent sativa strain. During the Cannabis Cup 1995, White Widow gained popularity since it championed the best variety award. The general effects of smoking white widow includes a high booze with a relaxing effect.

Growing White Widow strain for marijuana smoking is a practical one since you can get the booze and relaxing effect of the sativa and indica strain in one mixed marijuana. It can easily calm the body and give an instant booze in the mind. Second, White Widow is a practical breed in growing since this variant produces plenty of buds and has a THC level of eighteen to twenty-five percent. Lastly, growing White Widow weed is beneficial because of the fact that it is a famous breed. By being a common breed, looking for white widow seeds and tips about growing is abundant and common. Growing a white widow strain is less complicated since it can grow in outdoors and indoors depending on your space and economic capabilities. Many medical marijuana planters opted to grow this strain because of its twenty-percent THC level.

As a mixture of indica and sativa strain, White Widow has the ability of providing marijuana users both of the healing benefits of two strains. White Widow buds can heal nausea and vomiting. These two problems are often encountered by cancer patients because of chemotherapy. Second, smoking the strain can prevent the occurrence of glaucoma since white widow decreases the pressure inside the eye that causes this disease. Third, white widow bud heals and prevents seizures that are experienced by epileptic people. The CBD and THC component of white widow acts as a binder in the brain cells waking the epileptic have a control over the body. Lastly, one of the common problems that can be healed by white widow smoking is the anxiety of a person. The smoker is being relaxed making the white widow relax the anxious person. In the bottom line, the use of white widow smoking should still be in moderation.

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