Why grow female medical cannabis?

Why grow female medical cannabis

Are female medical marijuana grown by farmers?

Most growers who intend to grow more herbs than seeds keep their female medical marijuana and throw their males outside or grow them in the separate room as soon as they have identified the difference. Female medical marijuana are more potent with effects that are more desirable than the male medical cannabis. Females also have the potential to produce more seeds than the other gender. Pollinated female medical cannabis have a reduced levels of THC. 

Why do growers grow female medical marijuana?

Growers really undergo an in depth study of the indication of the genders of the medical marijuana at an early stage to avoid pollination of their female medical pot. As early as the 4th to 6th week of the vegetative stage, the indications come out. But sometimes, these signs are better seen on the 2nd week of the flowering period. It is important to grow your own female medical marijuana for the following reasons:

  • The potency of female medical marijuana is higher. THC levels are the ones which give you the stoned feeling and the one responsible in the treatment of your symptoms. The herbs are the reasons why female medical cannabis are cultivated over others.
  • The female medical cannabis have the capacity to produce more seeds needed by the growers.
  • Cuttings and cloning are better done with the female medical pot because you will be instantly growing another female medical marijuana strain.
  • The female medical cannabis have better scents and taste compared to the male medical weed so they are preferred by the patients over the males.
  • The demand for female medical cannabis are higher than for the male plants except if your intention is to breed more seeds.
  • Female medical cannabis are meant for smoking because they technically have better THC which gives the rewards if smoking medical weed.

What are the symptoms that can be cured by female medical marijuana?

Having high levels of THC, the female medical cannabis have the ability to treat stress, depression and anxiety as well as sleeping disorders. They are demanded by the patients because they give them the relief from the symptoms they are suffering from. Male medical marijuana can have the effect of headaches without the relief. Growing your own medical cannabis is essential for you to help you get your medical marijuana at your fingertips.

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