Growing marijuana is not only the concerns and problems regarding the issues of weather, location and type of breed that you are having. One of the major issue that concerns the marijuana growth aside from the mentioned factors are the gender of the pots. Listed below are some of the problems encountered by growers who wanted female cannabis because of its high THC level.

Mixing up of two genders. There are growers who are aware of the appearance of a male and female cannabis but sometimes, they feel unsecured when they started to see the characteristics of both genders in a single cannabis. This only means that the plant is a hermaphrodite. Growers sometimes take the risk of making the hermaphrodite mix with the pure female marijuana but most of the time, the hermaphrodite pollinates the female pot and growers who are after the buds will not want it.

Growing tall faster than the usual. The flowering stage of a female marijuana comes with a dramatic increase in height. It becomes a problem since some marijuana indoor growers are not prepared for this situation. The best thing to do is to know what breed of female marijuana are you growing and research about the maximum height it will reach to be prepared.

Unexpected pollination. This nightmare happens when first, the grower failed to segregate and isolate the male marijuana and hermaphrodite cannabis from female marijuana. Segregation is not the only key for “no pollination” rule because agents such as wind can transfer the male pollen to the female cannabis so it is better to isolate the cannabis with different gender away from each other.

No boys allowed. Growers, when buying marijuana seeds and marijuana cuttings, are not aware whether the weed that they are growing is going to be a male or female. The reason why medical marijuana smokers prefer the female gender of cannabis is because it has the highest level of THC among any gender. The only purpose of male marijuana is to be an agent for seed production through pollination since its THC level does not have a high hit to the smokers.

Cultivating. Though harvesting is not part of growing, this phase of the female marijuana life is vital since this is the sum of all your hardships. It is best if you harvest the marijuana on time to retain the high level of its THC.

Determining the sex of your marijuana plant is extremely crucial specially If you are growing it for business purposes or that you want to keep the genome pure as possible. Only female marijuana plants produce buds which most grower need and are after for while male plants on the other hand do not produce buds. A lot of people think that male plants are useless but depending on how you use them and your growing endeavor, male plants may also be of some use.


During flowering time, female marijuana plants usually takes longer to show their sex signs than male plants. Female marijuana plants will start to show one or two whispy white hairs where their buds are also going to form. They generally first show up where the main stem attaches to the individual bumps or ‘branches’. If a female plant is kept in the vegetative stage long enough, then she will start to show signs of hairs and whips even before growers start to alter its light schedule. If you notice that there are white hairs and whips on your plant, then you know that it is a female plant.

Buds vs Pollen

The male plants produce pollens while female plants produce buds. The female flower turns into buds which is why most growers opt to cut out or separate the male plants as early as possible. If pollens from the male plant reach the female bud, this will produce seeds. This is only ideal if you plan to cross breed different strains otherwise killing or separating the male plant is advised. Identifying the sex of the plant as soon as possible is important because if the male plant will mature, it will release its pollen and contaminate every female plant in the nursery room. This is extremely frustrating for growers who are not in the cross breeding path because female plants who have been pollinized will most likely yield buds with lesser quality that I would have. For expert growers, there are several other methods used on how to identify if the plant would more likely be a female or male. Separation of both male and female will be much easier after switching the plants from the vegetative (18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness) to the reproductive stage (12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness).

Whether it’s your first time growing marijuana or first time growing a different strain, the flowering phase is the most anticipated part of the whole growing process. During the entire duration typically starting from 2-3 week, you may find yourself constantly checking back and forth to your future harvest in hopes and excitement.

Varies in strain

Flowering time for marijuana plant will greatly depend on their strains. With strains reaching up to 12 weeks and some just 7 weeks, most marijuana strain averages on 9 weeks of flowering time. When taking notice, it is important to first find out if your plant is indeed a female or a male. If you don’t want your female plants to reproduce, it is best if you trim out male plants as soon as you identify them.


Pre flowering generally begins in the 4th week of vegetation. Pre flowering can only be spotted by the use of magnifying glasses. At the 4th node down the stem, you should be able to see the tiny pear – shaped node which identifies the female, along with the two tiny pistils.

Marijuana plants typically respond and grow depending on the amount of light it receives.  When the light treatment during an indoor cultivation includes a dark period of 10-12 hours each day, the plant discontinues its nonsexual growth cycle and starts growing reproductive organs, male and female flowers, which frequently take place on unconnected plants.

Full Flowering

When the light cycle is changed, the plant’s cycle changes from vegetative to reproductive cycle. A few days after the change in the light treatment, all visible development reduces. Then the first flowers appear. Vegetative growth has come to an end with the growth of few pistils. Pistils are the female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen base, the ovary, which contains the potential seeds, or ovules.

The tops of each branch will start to erupt with the female blossoms. Multitudes of pistils expand from the branches in search of pollen. In this stage, it is obvious that all its energy is placed on the searching phase. The resin glands will start to fill up and will soon be filled with resin. The flowers will be tightly packed thus making the buds heavier. As the buds diameter is increasing daily, the resin glands are also gradually covering the entire area. These glands are filled up with THC. Typically most flower will be filled up with a seeds. As the brackets begin to ope, it slowly reveals mature seeds. A week or two before official harvest time, growers change light exposure to improve THC levels and to increase yielding. With the flowering phase done, the next phase to master is harvesting those hit wonders.

The grow room

The grow room is your nursery. This is where everything takes place. When a grow room isn’t as what its supposed to be, this produces stress for female plants affecting its ratio. It is thought that stresses from the nursery will affect physical changes that occur in marijuana plants. If the plants’ environment changes or uncontrolled, it will either turn into a male seed thus reducing its seed ratio. Stressful environment changes include harsh weather conditions such as too cold or too warm, low sunlight, and poor ventilation. Because of this, it genetically reprograms the seed to turn hermaphrodite. Contrary to belief, the pollen is what is feminized in the plant and not the seed. To some cultivators, this belief has been the basis for other growing methods in order to produce more feminized seeds.

 “Cool Daylight”

Using a warm white bulb is discouraged since the use of a higher blue light increases the chance of a seed developing into a female. Growers have been debating about whether to use ordinary florescent lights or splurge on a much expensive lamp designed to emit complete spectrum. Keeping two sets of bulbs will certainly come in handy. The other can be used for cool daylight which will have approx. 6500k for vegetation phase and warm bulbs which have 2700k for the reproduction phase.

Fertilizer values

Knowing what you’re putting on is a must because like any other living thing, female marijuana will need proper fertilizer values. A high potassium level isn’t always a yes. Sometimes, it is  crucial to choose for a fertilizer You don’t want to strike potassium from the mix, since it is crucial for a fertilizer to have high nitrogen and low potassium values. This is important because it will keep your plant strong with a solid stem and will give a much higher resistance to diseases and pests. In most cases, the compost tea method with the use of chicken manure is advisable.

Check your light schedule

Common misconception about light scheduling is that the thought that more light is better. More light is indeed better and certainly won’t hurt if all the other variables are in check. Obviously, more light would mean higher temp which is not good because warm conditions can dry the plants out. Some growers also believe that exposing it to more light will create more male seeds.

Prepping up

To some growers, soaking up the seeds in a cup of water a night or two before starting the process of growing is advisable. Soaking for about 48 hours before planting the seed will allow the seed to swell and slip their outer seed castings. However, if white roots become visible at the crack site of the castings, it is advisable to remove the seeds from the water. Soaking it further will only expose their roots even more cause damage. Next, plant the seeds in a clean, pH balanced soil. The soil and pot should be loose and light with good drainage to avoid drowning your seeds.

Nutrition and Light

Plant the seeds in a clean, pH balanced medium. The marijuana plants can best absorb all necessary nutrients at a pH value of 5.5 – 6. The core nutrients that a plant needs to grow are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Most plant fertilizers contain these essentials.

Fluorescent tubes are great lights to choose when growing marijuana because of the light spectrum it emits. More light is better than lesser light but on the other hand, more light would mean more water and C02 demand. Female marijuana strains would better off if she starts out with a halide lamp on its first days of growth before being exposed to a redder high pressure sodium lamp during the budding stage. It is vital to maintain a 500w- 700w of light and not a lot greater especially on tropical countries. Overheating of your nursery would most likely to dry out your female cultivation and significantly decrease you’re preferred output.

Understanding life cycle

Understanding the life cycle of female marijuana plants is essential. Germination phase starts off after planting the soaked seed. Covering the pot with plastic until a single sprout and true leaf is seen is what most growers would advise you to do. The whole process of germination generally lasts to 10 days. The seedling state then takes place which lasts up to four to six weeks. Vegetative growth then takes over and is the period of maximum growth. In this time, your female plants will begin to either grow tall or grow sideways. Proper segregation is also important to avoid overcrowding of plants. They should be arranged in a way where each branch can receive equal amounts of light. The light received will be a great factor on how much your female marijuana will yield. Oftentimes growers would have different rituals involving the dark period. The dark period is where female plants are deprived of light which will make them produce higher THC levels.

As for most of the many cannabis growers, finding more female marijuana plants in your garden is just simply rewarding and gratifying. Because in the cannabis industry, females are the real deal since they are the ones able to produce sensimillia- flowers that are loaded with the goodness of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that is responsible for that high spacey feeling experienced and loved by many recreational users and also utilized for medicinal purposes.  On the other hand, male plants do not contain much of the THC and are only useful for procreation purposes, neither for recreational nor medicinal. The differences are just enormous, no wonder why many growers, from organic home growers to large- scale commercial operations opt to grow and keep female marijuana plants than the male ones.

Female marijuana plants only produce the sensimillia once they are able to reach maturity without being pollinated by male plants, so it is very important that you see them through. In order to keep the quality of your female marijuana plants, the best thing that you can do is to provide a friendly environment for them to thrive.

Provide a favourable environment for your female plants 

Because of marijuana plants are best grown indoor, it is very essential to see to it that the grow room environment is favourable for the female plants. The surrounding environment is especially important because when marijuana plants are stressed, they tend to develop in to hermaphrodites (hermy). Hermy plants are those containing both the characteristics of male and female marijuana plants, so they can release their own pollens and can undergo self- pollination since they have both sexes. If this is the case, they now pose some risks to your unaffected female marijuana plants because they can now pollinate the females with their pollens as well. Certainly, you don’t want any of these to happen to your female marijuana plants. So you must avoid conditions that can predispose the plants to become stressed such as:

  • Too much heat inside the room with low humidity level. This can be very distressing to the female plants. To avoid this, provide good ventilation and proper airflow to the room. This can considerably regulate the amount of heat the minimum while inviting the moisture in.
  • Interruptions during the dark cycles. Never disrupt the plants when they are subjected to dark cycles by unnecessarily going inside the room thereby allowing lights from the outside to come through.

Sudden changes in the surrounding environment. Abrupt changes are barely stood by most of the marijuana plants so it is very essential that you provide a consistent environment.

In the cannabis industry, female marijuana plants bear more importance than the male plants when it comes to medicinal and recreational purposes. Female plants are enormously valuable because of its capacity to give off flowers called sensimillia which contain high level of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana responsible for that high and stoned feeling when you smoke one, whereas male marijuana plants only contain a little amount of THC. Female plants can only produce the sensimillia once they are able to reach maturity without being pollinated by male plants nearby. As a grower, if you want your female plants to give you the real deal, you should see to it that they are able to achieve maturity by taking measures to preserve their characteristics.

Provide a favourable growing environment 

A favourable environment would mean:

  • Lower temperature level
  • Increased humidity level inside the room
  • Good ventilation and airflow
  • Shortened light cycle
  • Longer dark cycle without interruption
  • pH of water should be around 6.6 to 6.8 levels
  • Higher Nitrogen level and lower Potassium 

Avoid stressing the plants 

It is important not to place your female marijuana plants in a situation where it’s stressful for them. Conditions such as abrupt change in temperature and humidity level and interruptions with dark cycles can predispose them to become hermaphrodites. Hermaphroditic Marijuana plants only develop when the plants become stressed from hostile changes in their environment. This is their some sort of defense mechanism to ensure that their kinds survive even with the most unfavourable conditions. Since hermy plants contain both female and male characteristics, this means that they are capable of self- pollination. If happens that one of your crops develop the hermy qualities, segregate it from among the packs as soon as you can because it can release pollens that may pollinate the female population. 

Beware of male plants nearby 

If you plant the feminized Marijuana seeds that are genetically treated only to give rise to female plants, then you won’t have to worry about troubles brought about by male plants. But if you grow the regular seeds, beware of male plants. It is very important that as early as possible, you are able to detect the developing male plants for if they go unnoticed they can heavily pollinate the entire female population. If this happens, say goodbye to the valuable sensimillia. Certainly, you don’t want all your efforts, time, and resources to go to waste, so be vigilant.

Female Marijuana plants are much preferred by many recreational users and growers alike because they contain higher levels of THC compared to the males. Male plants just go only in handy if your purpose is to reproduce more of your strains. But if you are just after for the potency and that certain high and stoned feeling, then you might want to get rid of those males real fast before they can heavily pollinate the entire female population, consequently giving you poor quality crops. As a grower you surely don’t want this to happen to you and even just to think about it makes you a little uneasy. And so, you have to take care of your female marijuana plants as if they mean the whole world to you.

Just like when you grow any other types of plants, growing female marijuana plants entail some important considerations for them to grow properly and give you higher yield during the harvest period.

Provide consistency 

Marijuana plants can barely stand stressful conditions. You have to provide an environment that is consistent enough to avoid stressing them. The temperature and humidity levels inside the room must be well maintained. Also, avoid surprising them when they are in dark cycles. Measures should be taken to prevent disrupting this cycle. For when marijuana plants are stressed, they tend to develop into hermaphrodites containing both the qualities of male and female plants to ensure the survival of their kinds through self- pollination during hostile conditions. When one in the packs becomes hermy, it has the tendency to pollinate other female plants so it must be taken out as soon as possible.

More of blue light 

Female Marijuana plants favour the cool blue lights during its vegetative phase. Consider setting up sources of light that gives off this kind of colour during this stage.

Temperature down while humidity up 

Female Marijuana plants tend to thrive well in this condition. To achieve this, you must increase the ventilation or airflow of the room to regulate the temperature to a minimum while inviting more moisture in.

Early detection of males nearby 

As early as possible, be watchful on the developing male marijuana plants nearby. All you want is for the flowers of your female marijuana plants to reach maturity and produce the valuable sensimillia. In order for this to happen, you must avoid the females from being pollinated by the males. Get rid of male plants nearby as soon as possible.

Just plain talking would not be much of a help because there is no way for you to tell whether the information you get is true and not just a product of one’s juicy gossips. Same holds true when finding the right and the best female Marijuana strains for you to grow. It will seem like everybody knows what they are talking about and yet you will come to realize in the end that they are telling you conflicting opinions. Well, maybe it’s because every individual is different and so as with their preferences and views of things. Because of these, be careful not rely on too much with the things being said unto you or the things you just have heard. The best way you can do is to do some a little researching and digging.

Dealing with dealers you do not know 

A piece of advice, never ever trust a stranger. If you follow this, just as exactly as what you were told by your parents when you were still small, then you won’t have to worry about being outsmarted by a person you did not know. If you deal with dealers especially in underground markets in your quest to find the best female marijuana strains for growing, you are still a little far from finding the best quality strain of Marijuana. The reason for this is most of the products coming from these dealers are a little short in quality no matter how hard they claimed otherwise. If you are in search for the best, you might as well just skip these dubious dealers.

The best place to look for 

In your quest in finding the best, you need not to go as deep as in underground markets because everything you need to know and have been looking for is just a mouse click away. Yes, you heard it right. The best possible way you can find top notch female Marijuana strains for growing is to browse the internet for some credible online seedbanks that offer wide variety of strains to choose from. They offer only first class marijuana strains for growing in reasonable prices. With this, you will be certain as to the quality of marijuana strains you will be getting since most of these online seedbanks have been in the cannabis industry for quite some time now, and already have proven records of reliability and dependability.

To ensure that the flowers of your female Marijuana plants reach maturity in order to produce the valuable sensimillia or the flowers containing the goodness of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), you must provide a favourable environment for them to flourish.  There are important factors you need to consider in order to provide an ideal place for your female Marijuana plants to grow and give you the yield you have always wanted.

The grow room environment

The surrounding environment is especially important for the proper growth of female Marijuana plants. They tend to thrive well in an environment with the following arrangements:

  • The growing media used should contain higher Nitrogen levels and lesser Potassium, and a pH between 6.6 to 6.8 levels.
  • If using soil in a pot as a growing medium, it must contain higher humidity.
  • They also love an environment with lower temperature and higher humidity level.
  • They do well in a shorter light cycles. Marijuana plants tend to only begin its flowering phase when the light hours are shortened while stretching the dark hours longer. After all, most of the weeds are short- day plants.

The most important thing to remember aside from all these is to avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity levels inside the room, and see to it that during dark cycles, prevent unnecessary interruptions by going inside the room by which lights from the outside may come through disrupting the process. If these situations go on even just for couple of days, the marijuana plants become stressed causing them to employ a defense mechanism by turning themselves into hermaphroditic marijuana plants, having both the qualities of the male and female plants at the same time. By becoming hermaphrodites, Marijuana plants can ensure the survival of their kinds through self- pollination. And if this happens, you no longer have the best quality crops but already have become the poor ones. If in case there are still few or more female Marijuana plants which did not turn into hermaphrodites, immediately segregate these from the hermy plants which are capable of pollinating the entire population of females preventing them from producing sensimillia since hermy plants have male bearing properties. You do not want the damage to go that far. As much as possible, you salvage those that are of still useful. You just have to act real quickly before everything is too late because it is just a matter of time.