What is a Autoberry Canada?

The Autoberry is the automatic version of the popular Blueberry strain. The Blueberry is an award-winning strain that delivers a sweet flavor and hitting you with a relaxing buzz.

What makes the Autoberry seed in Canada worth a spot in your garden? Let us answer that question by taking a close look at the auto version of the indica strain.


Blueberry is the creation of Daniel John. The man also goes by the name of Willy Wonka of Pot, Cannabis Professor, Wizard of Weed, and DJ Short. DJ is one of the community Hall of Famers because of his breeding skills. He got his start from experimenting with clones using an average desk lamp in his bedroom.

DJ Short made the Blueberry in the late 70s. The aroma and effect of the Blueberry won DJ Short the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica and Best Strain award in 2000.

The strain is the offspring of two popular genetics, which is the Purple Thai sativa strain and the Afghani indica. The Purple Thai is a hard-hitting sativa strain with a delicious desert aroma that smells like chocolate with nuts. Smoking this strain will deliver a strong euphoric rush that will send your mind flying across different worlds.  

The Afghani is a landrace strain also an equally strong indica strain that carries a potent sedative effect. Taking just a few puffs from this strain will make your body comfortably heavy and couch-locked. Afghani is effective at taking down nearly any serious case of insomnia.

The automatic version of the Blueberry came from G13 Labs. The company has a long history of cultivating marijuana since the late 80s in the UK. The Autoberry makes it easy for breeders to cultivate the award-winning Blueberry strain.


One of the factors that make Autoberry popular in Canada is its desert-like aroma. An explosion of blueberry aroma comes out of a dried bud when you break it apart. The smell is close to the actual berry fruit and not just a watered down juice.

The strong blueberry flavor is more distinguishable inside your mouth when you smoke it. Imagine chewing on a blueberry gum with a small juice at the center that sends a blast of fruit taste around your tongue. You also get a mix of vanilla with the berry profile.


The Autoberry inherits its Afghani sedative trait. Smoking the bud is like a train made from cotton hits you at full speed. Nearly every tense part of your body becomes smooth and heavy. Throughout the duration of the relaxing buzz, you will find it hard to leave the couch or the chair you are sitting. Over time, the Autoberry leaves you drifting towards slumber.

You also get a sativa high from the Autoberry. Consuming the stain will fill your mind with a euphoric high that can make you forget about your troubles for the moment. The high also has a slight mind altering trait that changes your perception of the world.

Medical Uses

As you can already tell, Autoberry is efficient at taking down insomnia and stress. The sedative effect can ease your mind and take away nearly any troubling thoughts that are bothering you while lying in bed. In addition, the CBD content of the strain provides relief for most pain and aches. This helps to remove most discomforts that are keeping you awake at night.

Autoberry can also encourage a healthy appetite. Smoking the auto strain can make you crave for anything you have in your fridge or cupboard. The CBD content can also provide relief for nausea or certain problems with your gastrointestinal system. This benefit is great for cancer patients going through treatment and needs to keep up a healthy weight.

Grow info

Autoberry can grow into a harvest ready plant in just 55 days. Expect the plant’s flower to appear around 25 days of its age. At this time, it is important to identify which of the plants are males and females. Unintentional pollination can occur if you allow both the males and female to grow in the same area.

While Autoberry plants are versatile enough to grow outdoors and indoors, the strain thrives best when under the natural sun. Cultivating the strain outdoors can shorten the flowering time.

Because of the strain’s ruderalis genetics, Autoberry plants will not grow more than two feet high. This makes them suitable for discreet cultivation indoors since you can fit the plants in modest grow spaces.

In regards to indoor cultivation, the Autoberry plants will flower even if it continues to receive more than 12 hours of daylight. This will allow you to provide the plant with more daylight hours to improve the quality of their yield.


The Autoberry information should help you know if this is the type of strain to cultivate at home. The strain is great for helping you relax after an intense week. Nearly any breeders will also find it easy to produce their own Blueberry stash with its automatic version.

Marijuana is great at giving you relief for the bad things that inhabit our world. As Louis Armstrong once said, “Cannabis helps you forget about the bad things and make you feel wanted.”

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